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Saudi Picasso.

Picasso went through many phases in his life. The early phase, blue period, rose period, African period, cubism phase, neoclassicism phase, and surrealism phase. In each phase, he was inspired by the place, the people, and the cultures he encountered. We wanted to continue his journey and bring to life his work but with a twist to it. So we dared to ask and hopefully answer the question: What if Picasso lived in Saudi Arabia?


  • AI Expert  | Fai Alnuhait
  • AI Expert  | Ruba Almorati
  • Artist  | Abdulmohsen Alrasheed

Emergent Topographies

Reflecting on the beauty of the Kingdom’s nature, the artists used geographic and topographic graphics as well as existing lines and shapes to train AI to combine them to create a new digital artwork in which new patterns and inspirations are made.


  • Artist | Firas Safieddine
  • AI Expert | Yasser Sinjab


Maruem - The Chimera Ant Queen

Inspired by a popular anime, and the character and traits of the ‘Chimera Ant’, this project uses digital graffiti and other artworks and concepts to create a unique new piece that follows the journey of a Chimera Ant from cell to birth.


  • Artist | Afaaf Bawazir
  • AI Expert | Maha Alarifi
  • Artist | Ali AlMosu

AI Authentic clay

Personality is usually the result of knowledge accumulation, e.g., culture, religion, and civilization. The creators of this artwork express their deep feelings towards the authenticity of their culture, presenting experience from a new scope by combining and reorganizing several shapes and patterns through AI.


  • AI Expert | Mohammad Almubaddal
  • AI Expert | Fahad Alajmi
  • Artist | Anfal Alkatheeri

The Beauty of Belonging

As architecture is a fundamental characteristic of any cultural production that enhances the sense of belonging, this artwork aims to shed light on the richness and variety of Saudi culture’s architecture. Different architectural styles and patterns are combined and integrated using AI algorithms to produce an artwork with a new color and style, creating an abstract visual experience.


  • AI Expert | Bdour Alharbi
  • AI Expert | Salha AlGhamdi
  • Artist | Noura AlAshwali

Esoteric & Energetic "Heya"

Words have certain meanings, energies, and inspirations; "Heya", in English ‘she’, has many meanings. She is a daughter, sister, mother, hard-working, etc. This artwork is inspired by Heya’s energy, feelings, and strength. The team took selfies of women representing diversity as well as drawings for the word ‘she’. AI technologies were used to analyze and link these photos and drawings to create a new unique digital art piece.


  • Artist | Reema Albaz
  • AI Expert | Aisha Alabdullatif

Museum of GANs

What if we could depict the emotional states and impressions about a character from portraits? And what if we could create new artworks based on different emotional states? This artwork tries to answer these questions after collecting and classifying a large number of well-known portraits according to their emotional states and impressions on which the machine contributed to creating the artwork.


  • AI Expert | Sultan Wehaibi
  • AI Expert | Saud AlMajed
  • Artist | Asma AlAmri

Machine Mythology

As humans, when we read a text, there will always be intertextualities and associations to perceptions, figures, etc., in our minds. In this artwork, the team developed a model that enables the machine to read these associations using AI. A random text generator was used to write stories that are developed to transform the textual into visual.


  • AI Expert | Alya AlQarni
  • Artist | Sara Khalid

Ultimate Pattern

Different architectural shapes and styles have developed over time around the Arab world and they are used in buildings, mosques and landmarks, creating a characteristic unique to the Arab art. The team developed a single aesthetic pattern that combines many different patterns to reach the one that has the best comprehensive picture. Patterns are processed via DCGAN, which in turn, classifies, connects, develops, and redraws shapes to enable the machine to create a new art piece.


  • AI Expert | Eya Trabelsi
  • Artist | Halah AlSaleh
  • AI Expert | Amani Medini


What distinguishes AI digital art is its limitless capabilities to recognize and translate human creativity. Taken as a crucial element in literary creativity, this artwork is the result of an attempt to inspire the computer to create art by reading a novel using linguistic programming, extracting its concepts, and then transforming those concepts into photos and shapes.


  • AI Expert | Basmah AlAbdullatif
  • AI Expert | Dr. Ibrahim AlKhourashi
  • Artist | Omar AlAbdullatif